The Big Bang Theory Work-Out Routine


Even with a busy schedule, most people still find time to fit in their favorite TV show while forgoing their workout for the day. Instead of watching The Big Bang Theory while lying on the couch, try combining your favorite show with this fun exercise routine and burn some extra calories.

Big Bang Theory Theme Song: Jumping Jacks until it’s over!


When Leonard’s lactose intolerance is mentioned:   5 Burpees


Every time Sheldon doesn’t understand sarcasm: 15 Pushups


When someone besides Sheldon sits in Sheldon’s spot: 25 Mountain Climbers


When Sheldon references a comic book or movie: 25 Squats


Every time Raj gets drunk: Jog in place for one minute


Every time Raj whispers in someone’s ear: 10 Lunges


When Penny’s check engine light is mentioned: Plank for 30 seconds


Every time Howard’s mother yells: 10 Jumping Jacks


Every times Sheldon says “Bazinga!” Do one high squat jump!


Every time Sheldon claims his mother had him tested: 30 Calf Raises


Every time Sheldon knocks three times on a door: 30 second Wall squat

Don’t let TV ruin your chances for a great work-out. Try creating your own routine for your other favorite TV shows as well. Just make sure to replace the couch with some hard earned sweat.


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