Health Benefits of Swimming


Fit Fact: An hour of swimming will burn up to 650 calories. That’s more than running and most other aerobic activities.

Swimming is unlike any other sport because it burns more calories than most others with the least amount of strain. It’s also enjoyable, beneficial to your health and low maintenance. All you need to get started are some swimming trunks or suit, goggles and a large body of water.


  • One of the most notable health benefits of this sport is that, unlike other workouts, swimming puts no strain on your body and skeletal system thanks to buoyancy. This makes swimming the exercise of choice for those recovering from injuries or preexisting conditions such as arthritis or reduced mobility. If you are ever feeling a little too stiff to workout, going for a swim is a great way to still get in your workout for the day.
  • Swimming builds arguably more muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance than other aerobic activities, such as running. Water is about twelve times as dense as air, making it a good medium to increase your workout’s resistance.
  • Along with increasing strength, swimming improves flexibility because of the long, repetitive motions that occur during swimming.
  • Swimming is one of the best aerobic workouts for you because it greatly improves heart health and reduces the chance of getting many diseases, such as diabetes.
  • Recent studies have shown that swimming can increase life expectancy more so than any other sports.

Feeling a little down because of classes? Go for a light swim. Swimming has been shown to release endorphins in the body, which lead to increased happiness. Not only that you’ll get the maximum amount of calories burned and strength training without the risk of injury making swimming a fool-proof way to stay active and healthy.



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