Combating Flu Season


With all the hype and scare about ebola, people have been underestimating the threat of the flu. So, if your throat is getting a little scratchy and your nose a little runny, here are some ways to fight the flu this season.


More specifically-warm fluids are one of the best ways to clear up mucus in the chest and sinuses. Drinking tea or honey water makes it easier to breathe because it helps lessen congestion. It also gives immediate relief to chills and fatigue. Drinking fluids is important to counteract mucus which uses up all of the body’s moisture. Moms know best when they serve us yummy chicken soup, because this winter favorite contains cold-fighting compounds that help dissolve mucus in the lungs and suppress inflammation. If chicken soup isn’t readily available try adding lime, honey or even ginger to your water or tea for a refreshing and recharging beverage.


Vitamins have been known to combat the common cold and the flu. If you are averse to swallowing pills like vitamin C or iron you can try fruits and vegetables which are already full of vitamins. Lemons, bananas, oranges, broccoli and spinach are plentiful vitamin-packed options to keep your body healthy and better armed against the flu.

Avoid Contact

Whether you’re avoiding the flu or already have it, make sure to limit physical contact with others if there is a risk of spreading involved. Sanitizing your hands after visiting germy and heavily populated places, before and after meals, and after coming home for the day will help prevent you from getting sick. If you have a fever, make sure to rest for 24 hours before going back to school or work.

Gargle Salt Water

The best method to clear a tickle in the throat is to gargle with salt water which provides short-term relief. This home remedy can be extremely effective when you do not have ready access to flu or cold medicine.


Overall, vaccines and medication is the best method to get rid of flu. To those who missed the UT vaccinations, there are still flu shots available at your local CVS and Walgreens, or by your doctor.


For the flu some of the best preventatives are natural ones. Eating healthy and sleeping regularly is the best way to keep your immune system up and running. In times of stress especially, relaxing with some warm fluids, healthy foods and a good night’s sleep is what your body needs most. So dear readers, plan ahead, eat right and sleep well. We hope that this flu season will be a breeze for all of you!


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