Breaking the Routine: Finding “Alternative” Forms of Exercise


Bored of your weekly routine of jogging in the morning, lifting weights at the gym and counting your steps? While these practices can be rewarding and drastically improve your fitness levels, sometimes you just need to do some exercise that is fun and different!

Wouldn’t it be ideal to find an activity that you would want to do until you are 90 years old? An activity that your friends/parents/children would be happy to participate in, too? With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start looking for a new (active) passtime.

Here are 3 “alternative” forms of exercise to get you thinking:

I have just recently begun to take classes in social dance and I am loving it! At a more novice level, social dancing is not an intense workout, but it keeps me moving, having fun and making friends. Additionally, there is such a wide variety of dances (from salsa to East-Coast swing to bachata and merengue) that you can learn a wide variety of dance styles without ever getting bored.


Fencing may require specific equipment and training, but if you commit to the sport, you are in for a treat. Fencing is highly active and a tough workout, but if you have a strong competitive nature, you won’t even be thinking about the sweat trickling down your nose while you try to (classily) demolish your opponent.



Unlike social dancing and fencing, canoeing and kayaking can be enjoyed in the “great outdoors.” While it is good exercise for your arms, it is also relaxing to float through the cool water on a hot summer day. Make the workout more challenging and fun by racing your family and friends!


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